12 short films by female filmmakers, played at TEDWomen 2015

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Anyssa Samari finds the interstitials for TED Conferences — the short videos that run between speakers as palate-cleansers.

“It’s like a Rubik’s Cube,” she says. “There are a lot of constraints—the videos can’t be too long, they need to tell a narrative, they need to be beautiful and they need to fit the theme of the session. Sometimes, it’s giving the audience the space to breathe when they’ve just heard something hard. Other times, it’s giving a punch of energy to the session.”

For TEDWomen, another constraint was added to this list — each interstitial should be directed, produced, written by or prominently feature a woman. “I was super excited when I heard that,” says Samari. But it was a challenge: “The film world can seem very dominated by men.”

Samari researched female filmmakers and watched hundreds of videos before she presented her picks to the TEDWomen curators. Watch these 12 shorts shown during TEDWomen 2015.


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